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Our commercial service is a more frequent cleaning option for a office that is regularly well-kept.

Office cubicle, kitchenette, reception and all common areas:

✔ Empty bins

✔ Dust & wipe down all counter tops

✔ Dust & wipe down all office desks

✔ Vacuum & mop all floors

✔ Dust skirting boards

✔ Remove cobwebs

✔ Clean light switches & doorknobs

✔ Clean window ledges

✔ Clean sink & stove top

✔ Wipe out microwave

✔ Clean out coffee machine

✔ Wipe over all electronics

✔ Remove all marks on glass and windows


✔ Scrub toilets

✔ Clean sinks & bench tops

✔ Rinse & wipe bathtubs/showers

✔ Clean mirrors

✔ Vacuum & mop floors

Microfiber cleaning cloth
Commercial Cleaning Service: Service
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